Sri Lanka Military to Corporate Framework Sri Lanka M2C Directorate is conceived to become a catalyst of transformation and a resource center for military veterans. Among its core objectives is to serve as a path-breaker adopting a transformational framework which would help security forces re-engineer its human capital on the cutting-edge.


Military to Corporate Entrepreneurship Certification Programme is a first of its kind in Sri Lanka and is aimed to serve as a bridge to the corporate world for retiring military top brass.  The M2C programe sees the coming together of illustrious professionals from both the military and the business world in offering an exhaustive module of transitional  intervention that will make the prospects ‘corporate ready’.   M2C will also provide strategic direction and opportunity facilitation to both State and private sector organizations, as well as, military veterans.

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Need of the hour

“We have seen them putting their lives on the line for the country. They have performed with aplomb in the most diverse and resourceful organization in the country. Now as they retire from a life-long military career, it is our duty to help them secure a productive life beyond the military while also ensuring we harness their incredible experience to keep building the country.”

General (Rtd) Daya Ratnayake, WWV, RWP, RSP, VSV, USP
(Initiator of M2C Concept in Sri Lanka)

Unmatched skill sets

“It is difficult to imagine a group of men and women more multidimensionally-trained and tested than those in military uniform. Their uncanny ability to turn disadvantages into winners, thrive under unimaginable pressures and perform diverse tasks on demand makes them uncommon assets. Military veterans need to make a paradigm shift in adapting to a new modus-operandi.”

General L H S C Silva WWV RWP RSP VSV USP ndc psc MPhil
(Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Sri Lanka Army)

Understanding the contrasts

“Military and corporate worlds may be poles apart and are wired in own unique ways. Understanding the contrasts and forging a path that combines the strengths of the two systems hold the key to smooth transitioning.”

Vice Admiral Nishantha Ulugetenne RSP & Bar, VSV, USP, ndc, psc, Mphil (D&SS), MA (DS),
MMaritimePol, PG Dip in SM

(Commander of the Navy)

Immersive experience

“The specially designed immersion workshops are highly beneficial for senior military officials, offering a thorough walkthrough in understanding the norms, beliefs and mechanisms found beyond the gates of the military. With a preemptive insight to the dynamic world of corporate and business affairs, it prepares them to adapt to the change while arming them with new skills and tactics they must acquire to be at the cutting-edge in their new journey in life.”

Air Marshal SK PATHIRANA,WWV and Bar, RWP and Bar, RSP and three Bars, VSV, USP,MSc (MOA) USA, MSc (Def Stu) in Mgt, M Phil (Ind), MIM (SL),ndc (Ind), psc, qfi
(Commander of the Air Force)

Chief Executive Officer

World Renowned Strategic Catalyst, former Senior Advisor and Executive Director for the Government of Abudhabi and Dubai. The innovator of the celebrated 7Day Executive Coaching Mini MBA.

Udaya Indrararsthna build Sri Lankas economic blue print, covid eradication strategy and CEO coached more than 200 CEOs and Aspiring CEOs of Sri Lankan conglomerates to uplift Sri Lankas Economy .

Dr. Udaya Indrarathna


Head – M2C Operational Directorate

Major General K T A D S Kolambathantri RWP RSP USP psc IG
Military Secretary

Commodore (s) Vijitha Marapana, USP
Naval Secretary & Secretary to the Commander of the Navy

Air Vice Marshal RS Biyanwila
USP, ndc(Ind), psc

Director Administration

Colonel R M S P Rathnayake USP psc IG
Colonel Military Secretary (General Correspondence)


Corporate trailblazers

The conversion kit that will help transform military veterans into corporate trailblazers ready to lead private or State-run organizations will encompass adoption of corporate work ethic and strategic thinking, people management and work agendas driven by wealth creation on the cutting-edge of technology and knowledge transfer.
Mr. Ranjeewa Kulatunga
Co-Author of M2C framework in Sri Lanka
Director/Chief Consultant IIHRM Global (Facilitation Partner M2C Sri Lanka)
Patron IPMA-HR.USA Alumni in Sri Lanka


“As I see, M2C concept seeks to intervene on behalf of men and women who find themselves at cross-roads as their decorated career serving our motherland ends with little or no systematic support in linking them back to society or to help bridge a decisive livelihood gap. I am delighted together with ACCESS Engineering PLC to join hands with a like minded passionate organization like IIHRM to support the OCDS with the formation of M2C Sri Lanka Center on the invitation of its patrons Gen. Daya Ratnayake (Initiator of M2C), Dr. Undaya Indraratne and the Co- Author Mr. Ranjeewa Kulatunga”
Mr. Sumal Perera
Group Chairman – ACCESS Engineering PLC


“A veteran Professional Banker with 41 years of experience serving in the Financial Sector in Sri Lanka and established reputability as a prominent Leader in Corporate Banking; motivated by driving financial inclusivity and realizing business synergies. Leading with decisiveness and composure in Business Formulation, Strategy Execution, and People Management – forged over 14 years as the Head of Corporate Banking at National Development Bank Plc [NDB] of Sri Lanka. Fortitude in leveraging strategic relationships fostered with stakeholders in the Private and Public sector to navigate the evolving economic and political environment, yielding sustainable profitability and growth to the portfolios under purview.”

Mr. Buwanekabahu Perera
Secretary General and CEO Ceylon Chamber of Commerce










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The groundbreaking initiative is executed under the auspicious of the Office of the Chief of Defence Staff and the Armed Forces. Sri Lanka’s adoption to the universally-recognized concept of M2C or military to corporate transfer was first proposed in a new strategic transformational framework for Sri Lanka Army with Mr. Ranjeewa Kulatunga and Dr. Dinesh Watawana, among its authors during Gen. Daya Ratnayake’s stewardship as the Commander of the SLA.

The Service Commanders and senior Officers assigned by them provide a vital link to the successful facilitation of the certification programme.

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